The Coolest Brothers

Hello again :)

I decided this list is gonna be my first post (not first actually, but whatever)
cos its in my head for a very loooooooooooooooonng time so I guess they deserve to get out of my head. So let's begin our countdown...

10. The Dilleys

The first surviving Sextuplets in America. Now they're all 14 years old, start a new world in high school.
Why I chose them ? They're growing up at once. Different personalities for sure but as they grow up, I think it's kinda hard to build your own character with your twins and publicity around you. and 6 kids + 2 adults in the same house? oh my. Well it must be full of noises.

9. The Cook Brothers

Meet David Cook and his younger brother, Andrew Cook. Maybe you've already seen him before on American Idol.
Why I chose them ? they're both singer but you know it, David Cook is the winner of American Idol. Poor Andrew, he just didn't make it but that's okay you're still cute :p

8. The Pevensie Brothers

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favourite movie. Kings of Narnia, Peter and Edmund. Well uh actually I don't really like Edmund on the first movie cos I think he's so dumb. But when I saw him on Prince Caspian, I melted. I just love Peter from the first time I sam him.
Why I chose them ? They are William Moseley and Skandar Keynes! I think that's enough for all reason.

7. The Weasley Brothers

One of my favourite brothers EVER! Harry Potter series won't be the same if there's no Fred and George, baby!
Why I chose them ? They're british, funny, and oh so loveable! I just love 'em.

6. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows

If you like to watch Prison Break, you absolutely know about this brothers and maybe you have the same opinion with me. they're totally hot, aren't they?

Why I chose them ?
a brother who tries really hard to set you free from the jail ooh I just love it. Makes me wonder, would my sister do so if i got into prison?

5. The Petrelli Brothers

I haven't watched Heroes season 3 yet. But I know, it's gonna be more complicated than 2 seasons before. As I heard from my friend, Peter is going bad. Uh I can't wait to see the bad Peter.

Why I chose them ?
They're both have SUPERPOWER and remember on the first season when Nathan took Peter fly away to the sky cos Peter was going to blow up. He's willing to die to save his (super cute) brother, aww..

4. The Winchester Brothers

Supernatural is super. These brothers are going around USA to find demons, devils and so on. Their mom died in a fire cos of a yellow-eyed evil and their dad did somekind of sacrifice so that they're still alive
Why I chose them? Besides they're cute, of course. Being in a road trip with your flirty brother and didn't want to kill him, that's a great achievement. But what I like the most about them is they just like another brothers in the real life (well, their job is exception).

3. The Jonas Brothers

Aha! I don't think you will need an explanation about this one.
Why I chose them ? They're good at making music, making girls screaming their name out loud (that's me :p), they have great curly hair, but they're still down to earth. aren't they awesome?

2. The Cullens
You love them, so do I.
Why I chose them? No reason. We all love good looking and vegetarian vampires.

1. Prince William and Prince Harry

Sons of people's Princess, our beloved Lady Di. Prince William, 26, the second in line to the throne. Prince Harry, 23, the rebel prince.
At first I thought they are the luckiest guys in the world but NO. Being in the spotlight since they were a new baby born, life being scrutinized. People talk about your parents' behaviour, The Royal Love Affair, remember? Everywhere, everytime paparazzies are on your back. That's not lucky.
One thing I don't like about Prince William is he's not gonna marry me. Lucky you, Kate Middleton.
FYI : Prince Harry is SINGLE, that's why I love him more.
Why I chose them? simple, they are Princes. I'm gonna be a princess if I marry one of them.

Well, it's done. I hope you enjoy this list. If you have any other opinion just leave me a comment. I'm waiting

Dwiasty Hapsari