Daddy's Little Girl

there's a hundred reason why I love my Papa so much. and this is just one of 'em.

just a year ago on April 20th 2008, Papa bought me a new black converse shoes. Actually, April 20th is his birthday but he still bought me that shoes. I think that was one of the best day in 2008.

Another good thing happened in April, April 2009. Today is 2 days before my Daddy's birthday. He bought me "Michelle Obama" book and this 2B pencils for my exams. Well actually I told him to but today I totally forgot about that and then he came home, showing things he bought for me. JUST FOR ME. Didn't it mean he care about me? yay!

Maybe, you think, these all were not a big deal. but trust me, it means a lot when it comes from your dad.
and today, he did a very good job. he made me smile again through these bad days. So I cry no more.

as I said, I'm your little girl, Papa
and I'll always be

Dwiasty Hapsari Sudjaib