Men Over 40

They're maybe old but I think they're still hot. lol. just check this one out, people :D

Jose Mourinho (46 years old)

He's now Inter Milan's manager. If I met him, I could guarantee you, I'd melt down.
I don't know why but I love him so much. Well, I hate him once because he was a manager of Chelsea. FYI : I'm a Liverpool big fans.
But I know he's the special one :)

Barack Obama(47 years old)

Ahh, who doesn't know Mr. Barack Obama or should I say Mr. President? If you never heard about him, oh man, you must be come from outside the earth.
He has charisma. Besides that he has one of the greatest wife (I think) in the world, Michelle Obama, and two cute daughters, Malia and Sasha.
I think Obama and Michelle are good parents. They should be the example for modern parents. Adopt me, Obama.
One of my wish before I die is to meet him.

Johnny Depp (45 years old)

My all time favourite actor. I first saw him on Edward's Scissorhand then Pirates of Caribbean.
Most of his movies are my favourite too.
And you should watch From Hell, I recomend you.

Rowan Atkinson (54 years old)

God bless Mr. Bean. Maybe Rowan Atkinson is not really good looking but he's really good at making people laugh in Mr. Bean with his silly weird behaviour.
But in the real life, he said that he is a serious person but who's gonna believe if they watch Mr. Bean?
Just like WARKOP, Mr. Bean is EVERLASTING!

Al Gore (61 years old)

Last but not least. Al Gore, former vice president of USA in Bill Clinton's era but now he's known as a winner of Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to tell people about global warming. He's so inspirative. He builds people's awareness through his documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth.

See? they're still hot.
So I guess that's it from me, thanks for reading guys

Dwiasty Hapsari