Meet My Sister, Dianita Astarini

Dianita Astarini ( Nita)

My family and I call her Mbak Nita.

She is my first and all-time friend
She is my partner in crime

She is my hero
She is my secret keeper
She is my savior
She is my role model when I was a little kid

She is my picture taker
She is my intruder

and yeah she is my sister. my lovely sister

and I thank God for having her as my sister (well sometimes I don't, for some silly reasons lols)

I miss the time when she just arrived at home after a very tiring road trip from Purwokerto - Jakarta and then I can't wait to tell her everything, what's going on between our parents while she's not home or maybe just sharing some stories

I was a bit upset when she decided to take university in Purwokerto, leaving me and I became the only child in my house
But now when she's home, I don't really like if she spends times in my bedroom watching tv, I'm used to be alone and I want to kick her out of my room

A long ago, I thought she didn't love me but now I know she loves me

and from this post you know I love her too

Dwiasty Sudjaib