Diet Coke or just 'Coke'?

I think I'm getting thinner but no I'm not on diet. I'm skinnier cos I was ill, yes last week I threw up all the time so I couldn't eat anything at all, even drink.
And this makes me think about diet stuffs. I never do diet seriously. I mean, everytime I say "I'm on diet blablabla.." I still eat what I want when I want. I never really think or even care about how many calories on a burger, ice cream, or else, I just put it into my mouth as long as I like the food. But in a daily routines, I drink a cup of low fat milk.
I like Coke or Coca Cola very much. So when I was on "diet" I bought Diet Coke, just wanna try how it tastes. Nothing different. But now I prefer to buy Diet Coke instead of Coke. I don't know why even though I don't really care about calories, as I said before. Unfortunately, I think, here in Indonesia, it's hard to find Diet Coke. I have to go to a minimarket to get one. You can't find it on a smaller store and if you notice this, you can't find it in some restaurants either. So I think it will be nicer if I can find Diet Coke easier, like 'pedagang asongan' in the bus or mini store along the road. I heard they sell condoms but why don't they sell Diet Coke as well ?! People should be more aware about Diet Coke and I think Diet Coke tastes so much better than Coca Cola Zero. By the way, I made this post just because I'm kinda thirsty lols. So anyone here would buy me a Diet Coke or just 'Coke'? please? You maybe?