Meet The Simpsonized Boonch

Hello everyone ! Meet my lovely best friends, The Boonch, but they'll look a bit different

Ira Megawati

She is my 2-years-chairmate. She's my 3-years-classmate but I didn't know her well at year 10. She's quite good at cooking. I think she will be a good wife in the future lol. People say (including me but pssstt.. don't tell her anyway) she's stylish. Hmm.. what else? She's good at accounting and the good news is I'll go at the same university with her, how cool is that? ha!

Lusy Indah Amelia
She's my classmate since I was in year 10, then year 11. Same with Ira, I didn't know her well when I was in year 10. She's the most cheerful one among us. She's friendly too, that's why she has sooooo many friends from all over town (94h03l3r5)

Sani Budi Utami

This is Sani, my friend since I was in junior high school but we didn't know each other lol. We started to be close friend when we were in year 11, just like Ira and Lusy. Sani is the most diligent one among us. She's good at drawing .

That's all I don't know what to write about them. They're unexplainable.
I love The Boonch

Dwiasty Hapsari