Random quotes

I take this randomly from people's status comments in Facebook
I think it's quite interesting haha (read: I really got nothing to do tonight, poor)

and I'll get out of my car and smack you

oh, unless i met her when i was drunk, lol

this tastes like full cream milk...

trust me to be organised and prepared.
trust you to destroy your house.
Yes, trust me.

assignments? the only thing i'll be assigned to is sitting on my ass drinking.

because me and bec talk about words that are fun or gross to say too :D

you make me unhappy

oh my god. how did you cheat?

green tea!

or perhaps why does ur vodka taste like meatloaf?

haha .. And why's that?

dunno just should

hmm i see..well i disagree :p

oh yeh, our bad.

your so not awesome

i know, i thought this might make me awesome, but it didn't.

ur farking crazy, u mental

You know me too well.


i've been better, but i can't complain.

oh sorry i forgot the 'oh coolin' bit. im not that cool

ur doing the same, ur like less than 2mtrs from me

m m m m munt on a couch

good english structure sentence well but good.

that was pretty gay

thousands of hugs and kisses