Happy Potter

I'm no such a movie freak but when the latest Harry Potter movie is out , I suddenly change into a freak. Just like yesterday, I had no plan on going to the movies to watch HP but when I checked 21cineplex.com and the schedules, I grabbed my cellphone and asked Wahy to watch it right now (It's like there's something in my head, my stomach, my blood, my lungs, my kidneys, my liver that I have to watch it TODAY) She had no problem with that then I asked Chesa to go with us. You know they're my movie partners.

We arrived at the theater about 11 am and it was so crowded with people waiting in line. We got the 5.55pm show tickets. Soooooo.. we were waiting for 6 hours!

Okay, you might think I'm silly or what but YES I cried when Dumbledore died (oopppss.. sorry I don't mean to give you the spoilers) If you have read the book you're gonna find some differences between the book and movie but trust me it's still a great film and there were so many funny parts

Favourite Quote :
Prof. Slughorn : Harry?
Harry : Sir?!

oh I am so ready for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows