I love this picture so much
Especially the words " We are not afraid, they only make us stronger"
(The Australian)
I think you all know about the bombing in Ritz Carlton and J.W. Marriot yesterday morning. Yes we're all shock about this, indeed. When people do what they usually do everyday without nothing cross in their mind about what happens next. I'm disappointed, why people do this to their own country? What they have in their mind? If you commit suicide just do it by yourself you must not kill the others, who are innocent. Don't they think about the impacts cos of the bombing? Ah ya I forgot they've lost their mind
And the recent impact is Manchester United has canceled their trip to Indonesia. Even though I hate The Red Devils very much, I'm a bit disappointed too

So I browsed, I wanna know what the newspapers in other countries wrote

The Sun
New York Times
Daily Mail
Chicago Sun-Times
The Australian
The Guardian

my deep deep condolences for all the victims