My blog deserves an update

I just got back from Semarang, before that I was in Yogyakarta for TOEFL-Like test.
Umm.. what else? I've found "kos" in Yogya a bit far from my campus but I think I'll beg my parents for a bicycle, better than walking. The good thing is me, Wahy, and Jihan are gonna be housemates! yaaaayy! My room is in the corner but still my bedroom is much better.

Well, you know I've graduated from high school so now I've really got nothing to do in this holiday. I miss my friends, The Boonch It, No Days Without Charging.

3 days to Election day, I don't know whom I'm going to "contreng". I'm thinking they're still not good and honest enough to be president of Indonesia. The debate shows are useless. I was so interested to watch the first debate but I just stayed for about 10 minutes then I prefer to watch "sinetron" and I didn't watch the second and the third. I was imagining they're going to be like American President Debate show but it's totally different and not even a debate, it was like some kind of me-too-opinions show. Some people said "Oh we can't do like Americans do, it's not our culture blablabla..." wtf. Well I'm not into Indonesia's politics cos I think they're all fake. Let's leave this topic

that's all in my head now
Das ist alles

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