I've been not so good lately. Crying all day long, thinking about home. It's not like I don't like my life here, in Yogya, it's just I prefer my comfy bedroom where there always be my parents, Bibi, all-mine-tv, internet connection huh. It's also nice to have new friends, new things to explore maybe I just need more time. Yes. Time.
About my college life? I could say it's quite different from high school. The same thing is only I'm always sleepy in the class (everybody does it, right?) Umm.. what else? Crushes? Yes, please.. I have nice classmates and great housemates (which three of em are my highschool buddies) Oh and very very very kind and helpful seniors I have here.
Well once again I just need to be more grateful for all the things God has given me

After that I guess I'll be okay cos being okay is okay for me

Happy Fasting everyone!