18 things

1. So I'm officially..

2. The most expensive thing I have so far is
and it's a birthday present from Akbar Prihartama Putra

3. Since I'm 18, I can join Univesitas Gadjah Mada network on Facebook finally

4. I spent a very quality time, riding on a motorcyle on my birthday night and got my first present

5. and a surprise party from Wahy and Jihan in the middle of the night when my birthday was almost over

6. Got another (almost) surprise party from Boonch and NDWC when I'm home

7. And look what they gave me as birthday present. Thank you so much guys!

8. As tradition in HI UGM, yang berulangtahun akan diceburin s ecara tidak terhormat di kolam Taman FISIPOL

9. I broke-up 2 days before my birthday. How lame cos I'm always single on my 18 times of birthday

10. I got my no. 6 birthday wish. A camera.

11. I hope I'll get my no. 2 birthday wish soon. A pair of Moccasin shoes

12. Oh I got my no.5 too. Eventhough it's not mine yet, you can say I've got a half ( I won't tell you what it is)

13.My lovely daddy said that I'll get my no. 3 soon too. A notebook

14. Wahy and Jihan let me choose my birthday present and they bought me

15. On the first day of February, my mommy and daddy finally bought me a netbook. Alhamdulillah.

16. On 27th January, I bought a book as a birthday present for myself

17. This might be the happiest birthday so far, seeing there are many people who love me

and the last one


see? even Homer says Happy Birthday!