happiness and a love story

I share you things
I love writing
but my life seems pretty boring these days
I'm home now but my sister isn't that's why it's quite boring here
I'm miles away from my source of happiness, my sunshine
, my cheese and that makes even more boring
I'm nervous to see how my first semester in uni would end up and I have to wait which is boring enough
There's an university expo tomorrow in 12, I think I'm excited, really. Blah.
I've said word 'boring', four times in this post so far and I think that makes you think I'm a boring (5times) person

I think I'm happy
but I'm not

Someone stole my happiness umm..
I need it back, please

Maybe you think this post would end here
I tell you
it's only the beginning of all my story
not mine actually
but this story makes me happy
and I'm happy to tell you this
this called A Love Story

I have a dream or a passion to marry a foreigner. So does my bestfriend since I was in 9th grade, Wahyu Restiarini. She's my little girl. She's an honest and nice girl. I love hanging around with her. But time changed her, in a good way indeed. She's still honest but not as innocent as the one I knew. We were going on the same senior high school. We're still bestfriends but we didn't hang out as much as we used to. Sometimes I think I've lost her but God has His own path for us.
We became much closer since we're going to the same uni and we're housemates. I know her well but not the best. She has her own thing of course and I won't bother.

Maybe you think, where's the love part? take it easy, my dearest reader.

We have a same dream as I told you, what you don't know is she made it and I don't. She met this great and loveable guy, Ermal Hamzaj from Albania who is studying in Turkey. Wahy never gets tired to find someone who's gonna take her love seriously. It took a very long time, about more than 2 years, before she found Ermal. At first, I thought it would end up like the others, like Alan, Klaus, Hash, and Evan and blablabla. None of them took Wahy seriously. But Ermal is very different, I feel it. They did webcam continuously, send texts, make international phone calls and they changed their status on Facebook. Wahy spends hours in warnet and even when she's home she still holds her phone, chatting with Ermal. You don't have a clue how crazy Wahy is. She brings her phone while she's poo-ing and taking a bath. EVERYTIME and I even know if Wahy uses the bathroom cos of her tuuut tuuut sounds from her phone. Isn't she fantastic?

Sometimes I chat with Ermal too and my conclusion is he's head over heels forWahy. True. All he asks or says or talks is about Wahy. It scares me sometimes haha no, I'm kidding. Wahy is a great girl and she deserves Ermal after all she has been through. Someone whom she loves and loves her back.

What makes Ermal so wonderful is he is HERE now, at Wahy's house. He came to Indonesia just to meet Wahy. I even shed tears when I saw Wahy ran andthen jumped to Ermal. They hugged and kissed for the first time. That's what I called a romantic moment and it became much more romantic cos those are people you know and love. Those tears were an expression of my happiness. Seeing that couple could finally touch each other haha.

If you think this is the end of the story, well then YOU'RE WRONG again, my lovely reader. It's only the beginning of their love story cos they've taken their relationship to the next level. I'm happy, for both of them.YAY!

curiosity could kill you, but I won't let you curious to see their face, click here to see their pics

well okay, so this is the end of this post
I don't care whether it's a happy ending or not

hugs and kisses

p.s. I try so hard to make this post not boring (6times)
p.s.s someone hasn't given me my happiness backyet. syit.