You know what?

I'm doing just FINE

Nothing to worry
I'm still dealing with the situation I'm in
and struggling with bad things happened in my life
and trying to fix the things up

Now, I really thank Allah for always being by my side
through thousands of hard moments
and giving me lots of love and gifts

without Him, my good Lord
perhaps I would have committed suicide, seriously

I know He loves me
and YOU as well

and for Lusy Indah Amelia, the one I've lost
I know maybe I'm not good enough at maintaining friendship
but whatever
I'm sorry this had to end up like this
It's enough I've blamed myself and cried
I don't think I have to feel sad in the rest of my life just because we're not friends anymore (no offense)
Life goes on right?
It's just now you live yours and I live mine
I won't bother your life and your lovely bestfriends
it's your choice to hate me or mad at me
but still I think I have to say sorry if I did something wrong
you know you had been the one I loved so much when we were still bestfriends
but it's okay
Like I said before, I'm fine
with or without you
and as I see
so do you

Losing one thing doesn't mean I lost everything
I still have family and friends who love me as I am not who I am