2nd Roll

Hello everyone 
 How's life? Mine is fantastic

Just an update, I got 100% of my no. 5 birthday wish on the very first day of March
Thank you

By the way, my Minx had given birth for the 2nd time
perhaps you wonder who the heck is Minx?

Just let me show you her babies

those four are my favourites
well I'm still at campus now
I just can't go home cos it's raining so hard outside
that's good cos I can do some postings
thanks for everyone who had helped Minx
Wahyu Restiarini and Apple
Minx's father
I think I have migraine
I feel like I've been banging my head too hard and too much
thank you and see you

have a nice rainy day, peeps!

My name is Dwiasty Hapsari