4th Roll : Sand on my feet

Hello kids!
This is Minx writing
Asty is busy with her final exams
so she let me take over her blog
well here I am


My name is Minx
I'm a fish. A land kind of fish.
I am white (literally)
I am special since I have a goldfish's eye

Asty takes me wherever she goes very often and I kinda like it
I see the world differently
You'll see what I see through rolls

My first roll would tell you much about Asty's birthday. I was new to her at that moment, she was so nervous that I couldn't see clearly

Second roll is about people around me and Asty. It seems that everyone loves me hehe

Third roll. Oh my god. I was color-blinded, all I can see is in black and white but thank God Asty still took me on her road trips and I saw many trees

The last roll, so far, the fourth roll would tell you much about sand on my feet.

Oh, I mean beach

I love beach. I love its sunshines, sands, and sea.
Oh I wish I could swim :(

you have to agree with me that barefoot and sand are a perfect couple and they suit together

Well hello there, Asty. How ya doin?

well okay, that's it about me
I'll see ya later with bunch of my views-of-the-world
until then, catch ya later, kiddo!

p.s. : if you see something different with Asty's legs, just don't ask her what happened. She will scream because her skin had burned :( Poor Asty.


  Abrahaam Patrrik

17 August 2011 at 02:21

gak tau kenapa,gue suka foto-foto lo,gue baru buka ini blog dan ngeliat hasil jepretan lo ternyata bagus juga ya haha
oh iya sebelumnya lo emang les photografi apa enggak ya?