Live Long(er)

Last Thursday
I was struck with a bad news
I mean really bad
Ira called me and told me that Sani's dad died on an accident
I cried
I cried for everything
I cried for her loss
I felt sorry, it must be really hard for her and her family

Two days before that day
There was someone who turned into 19
That 'someone' is Akbar Prihartama Putra
Happy belated birthday to you, Abay

A day before it
Look who's getting older
Prince William Arthur Philip Louis
yes, that Prince William
the eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana who is in the second line to the throne of United Kingdom
I do always love him

on the last day of May
Steven George Gerrard did get older too
let's see what he's gonna do tonight on Germany vs England
all my fingers and heart are crossing for you England

Long Live Abay, Prince Wiliiam, Steven Gerrard, and England
and for Sani's dad up there, you live longer in everyone's heart

I am home