These are the things I'd love to do before I die

1. Get drunk and hungover
2. Go backpacking to Australia or Europe
3. Eat homemade cheeseburger and sandwich somewhere in the US
4. Meet Prince William and take a picture with him
5. Watch Liverpool's match live in Anfield
6. Visit Africa
7. Visit Mecca and Madina with my family
8. Take a part in international festivals in Europe
9. Watch my favourite bands live in concert
10. Shop in Harrods
11. Go diving
12. Do bungee jumping
13. Do "Free Hug" campaign or at least take a part of it
14. Dance in the rain with my spouse
15. Swim with no clothes on
16. Sing with John Mayer
17. Watch Oprah Winfrey's Show live in studio
18. Dress like Snow White
19. Write a book
20. Lay down on snow
21. Drive a Mini Cooper
22. Date a celebrity

p.s. they're not in order, I love everything's in order but not this time




15 August 2010 at 00:35

haha drinking with friends is fun, but i hope when you try it you don't get hungover :) it hurts and feels icky!


15 August 2010 at 13:32

haha I thought it's a lifetime experience you have to try it once at least hehe