4 Simple Goals (but not that simple)

This holiday, I could go crazy since I found so many new blogs that really catch my heart to read and follow
Now I know, blogging could be this much fun and how powerful a blogger peep that could make your day somehow

Anyway, I just read A Beautiful Mess, a blog by Elsie Flannigan and I fell in love in just a sec!
She made "4 Simple Goals" Project then I wondered, hmm.. what's mine?

1. Take pictures with my parents more often. Since I live miles away from them and they are the reason why I call a place 'home'.
2. Spend my spare times with quality activities such make crafty things or doodling. It's enough I spend my time with sleeping and watching TV but I could say blogging improve my creativity haha don't you just agree with me?
3. Save money in piggy bank each day. I always have guilty feelings when I ask my parents for money. I mean I should start spend it less and save more. Money is about earning, saving, and giving.
4.  Apply for a scholarship. It's kind of award because you have to prove that you're worth getting that scholarship plus you'll make your parents proud of you.

Yeah, laugh hard
This time I mean it
I'm on fire yeah! (not literally)

until then,



14 August 2010 at 06:31

Sometime i think that my lifetime for disability. but sure, wish thats all enable for my self...
1. take pics, never enough again..
2. quality activity, may be able...
3. scholarship, i think thats daydreaming with my cumulative under 3,00...

Haha... be sure...


17 August 2010 at 17:29

I love your goals! Good luck with that (:


18 August 2010 at 00:16

@nahdhi : yeah I have to be sure you should do too, thanks anyway

@Sarah : thanks! good luck with yours too :)