This might be an advanced random post (naaahh)

Well okay so, I write what I want
and what I want now is a random writing
I hope you read this (not really)

anyway, thanks to Jihan who provides me the internet connection
she might be disaster sometimes but you know she could be an angel too

College has been going for a week now, I am excited. Really. Since I am a senior now, it might be a nay because it means I'm not the youngest anymore. I mean who doesn't like to be the youngest when you're a grown up?
I don't say that I'm an adult now, I am not ready yet, am I? but the truth is I am 18 years old. I am old.
Okay I'm rambling, so the whole point with this college stuff is nothing
Just back to any other daily routines, classes, assignments, jokes, friends, events, and foods
I try to do something new this semester. You may know from my 4 simple goals post
Just so you know, I've bought a tremendous piggy bank, it cost me quite much (not that much actually that's why I say 'quite' much) but I believe it's for my own sake
that looks weird, I know, Yogya has so many weird things haha
that reminds me a lot to the moon yesterday which was fantastic
I was on my way wandering around Yogya and realized how beautiful the moon was
oh well another Ramadhan surprise, I guess

Another goal updates, I will apply for an international festival in Norway.
Wish me not too lazy to make three essays, I've been way procrastinating I know I know
it's just I am excited for everything, this new uni year has taken my mind away. I don't know which one to do first. Perhaps too excited in handling stuff isn't very good for my life.
How I spend my spare time? Well maybe I still do nothing, no doodling or crafting things YET but I think about get a job hmmm.. what do you think?
Spending spare time with earning money, how WOW is that? but I don't know, I haven't thought about that seriously YET (again)

About taking pictures? I did it a couple of time but maybe later. My mom and dad never thought that I'm interested with camera and photography things. So I turn into a clumsy doll every time I take their picture. Silly I know, but they still like when I do it though

I'm planning to reuse my last roll, so I am not gonna develop it soon besides my B/W film is waiting for me to get it developed and scanned.

The Lovely Bones got my three thumbs up, good for you Alice Sebold, but I gave three and a half thumbs down for the movie, I am sorry Peter Jackson

and don't forget to vote for my pictures on
yeah so I decided to take a part even though photography is not my thing
now your job is to help me, vote for me okay? please?

Pheeewww... It's more than a half Ramadhan now
I'll come back home in about a week? I hope so
I feel a bit home sick actually, I cried twice or maybe three times? I don't know, I cry when I feel like I need to

Brendon Urie is ready to sing me lullaby now, I should probably off to bed

until then,
I'll leave you with ME!




31 August 2010 at 18:42

My favorite color is gray too!!!!