Up to what?

Hello there, people! Long time no see eh?
Well umm sorry for being unproductive lately (fyi I hate being so)
but what else a full time university student could do?
I've been up to many things these past few weeks, such...
> I had my mid-semester exams while Mount Merapi in my town is still throwing up its lava and ashes over & over again and all you can see is ashes everywhere in the neighborhood so you're gonna have to wear a masker, like I do
cute isn't it? with Woody on it hehe

>  I just got back from Purwokerto, visiting my elder sister and at the same time I had to do my critical review on international monetary system which I finished only in two days (yeah I'm a proud mama).
> On October 24th, me and Dian Aji took a part in a International Day of Peace Parade on Malioboro Street. This is how we looked like on that rainy day.
I think we're one of that kind of best couple? haha I kid.

> After that parade, I had to sell roses on the street and yes that counts on my weekly routines until we collect Rp 5 million. Would you like to help me by donating some cash maybe? or buying all 100 roses I sell every week? No? Please?
> Now and the next 4 weeks, I am working on four or five paper ( I forgot how many exactly they are). Two of them are class projects which need me to go somewhere and interview someone. Great.
> I'm taking pictures with Jihan's toycam. An Octopus PN919S. This was the one I took with it on our trip to Sundak Beach

> I test my luck once again by entering Biscuit's Blog Pants Party Giveaway. Interested in it too? Go ahead scroll up then hit the button on your right side or because I am such a kind blogger, I put here too

> aaaaaaaand yet I'm planning going on a date to the zoo this Saturday with Dian Aji. Woohoo.

Tough. Tough.
I find it tough being a busy bee. One day need to go here and do that at the same time. The other day had to fly over and do another thing.
Ah this is life.
I need Coke to help me get through this. Ooopps.. I mean God.

How about you? What have you been up to?