Yes This is a Movie Post but No I'm Not a Movie Freak

I recently watched
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
just like the others
 I lost words about this one.
I just got one word. 
I did cry when Dobby died but I didn't cry when I read it in the book. Don't know why though I cried.
Good laughs in this movie just like the Half-Blood Prince, as I remember, it seemed, for me these past few movies a less "darker" than any others before.
Okay, I'll make a confession. I forgot about the horcruxes and the Deathly Hallows itself. Urgh.. I really need to re-read the book, I guess. This never happens with me before.
Umm.. definitely can't wait for the second part.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World
which is a good and very entertaining movie
yeah Michael Cera, you have my heart, body, and soul
I love you too baby
No, I'm not turning into a freak. I almost get any closer to that but hell no, I am not a freak (yet)
it's just when I see Michael Cera, the whole world stops for a while
Geez I'm a freak! those last romantic words I just quoted from Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are song! Blah.
I am rambling too much since it's umm 1.30 in the morning and I still got 2 assignments to do.


Employee of The Month, people
I know it's so last year movie
but I found it quite entertained me. In case you don't know, yeah I'm an easy-entertained people.
I mean c'mon it's Jessica Simpson, people
and Dane Cook, he's a hottie, right?
(not as hot as you, Michael Cera)
---this one too---

The Losers
no way, I am not a loser, arent I?
anyway Cougar I love you.
Cougar is the latino guy who is really good at shooting people or whatever military people call it
oh shoot me shoot me
the one who wears cowboy hat, yeah he is standing under this text, yep the one in the middle.

 okay, I gotta stop this and off to bed.
Planning on this weekend, tiramisu and zoo date is comin up
Grrrr... can't hardly wait
until then gotta get my assignments done first

I love you