You can feel the happiness here while it's impossible to even find it in the other side of the world

 I know the post title is too long but I just can't help it because this really matters in the two city I am currently living in.
My hometown is Bekasi, a small yet crowded city near Jakarta. I've been living here since the day I was brought to this world, with my parents, an elder sister, and Bibi.
I am, too, a full-time student in Yogyakarta, I've been living there for almost one and a half year now, and it's my dad's hometown. Of course, I spend most of the time in Jogja because I can't come home anytime I want.

Just so you know, my date on Saturday was canceled because of the latest and also biggest Merapi eruption. I was a bit sad but I couldn't just be sad because of the date because that did not bother me much. I live about 25km away from the peak. I worried about all the people, about Jogja. We don't even know until when this will last. I am very thankful that all my families and friends there are okay but to the other people who lost their home and have to evacuate and lost their lovelies, I am sorry. Me, myself, feel like a coward since I can't do anything even to become a volunteer to help them out.


in Jakarta, everyone was cheering Obama. When he said things about Indonesia, the crowd clapped, smiled, and laughed. I feel overwhelmed to see the news. Everywhere talked about him, what he and Michelle did while they were here. It's not as if I don't like them. I adore Obama even before the election began. It's just I think people are overreacting. I know Obama had lived here before. He said he had connection with Indonesia. I do feel glad to hear that, we can be proud but just don't make it big.

The situations become two sides of a coin for me. Here I see happiness and brighter eyes, when I am in Jogja, all I see are ashes, people do nothing, some stores closed. Jogja lose something, I feel it. No bright eyes. Even mine.

but I realize, after all
we, as human-beings, wish for happiness everywhere we are.
I know there'll be the time when we all get there, to an everlasting happiness. 


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