Five Friday Favorites

and so I'm still a little sick but that would not be any problem because I found these things quite interest me

1. This navy blue moccasin shoes by Wondershoe. and you know what? This is handmade too!

2. Well umm.. this flat shoes did catch my heart too. still from Wondershoe

3. A vintage rose tee, I found here.Oh well, I've been wanting this kind of tee for ages! Wish I had $7 now :(
4. My birthday presents : A Disney Princess Felt Tips from Dian Aji and an Electric Mug with Steamer from Wahy and Jihan

5. and last but not least, this Christmas video from Family Guy! this has been on my playlist over the week and I keep playing it on and on. I just never get bored.

,Happy holiday everyone!
Wish you have a very wonderful weekend!

p.s : Santa, if you read this, could you give me the first three? I can't decide, I want em all