A birthday, this year...

I might not be the most beautiful birthday girl today since I got chicken pox from about six days ago and it's everywhere, all over my body and face.


might not be the happiest too because everyone seems so busy doing their Wednesday routines and I am stuck here in my room all by myself.


I'm gonna be the most grateful birthday girl today
for everything I have now. Loving parents and a sister, Bibi, grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles, nephews, and everyone in the family.
A caring boyfriend. The bestest bestfriends.
A complete parts of body. A healthy heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, ears, teeth, and everything.
Every single stuff I have now. The money in my purse. Clean water. A package my mom sent me yesterday
Everything I have accomplished until this 19th year of my life.
because birthday doesn't only mean me getting a year older
it is more about growing up and be more mature in living life.
this could mean I should take a stand in an international relations theory -> according to my "deep" conversation about college life with Azka and Gita
find book "How to Analyze for Dummies". No just kid. Try to analyze things deeper.
Be a critical thinker not just nod and nod and nod.
Be emotionally stable for Dian Aji's sake.

Geez, I'm turning 20 next year!
This is my last teen year!
no way.

Happy 19th Birthday!
and cheerio,