Let's get naked and dance

Hello, people
I have a good news. I won a bag giveaway from Revolving Styles on Much Love blog. Yay!
anyway, I'm having 3-weeks-uni-break which I probably will spend by waiting my GPA to pop out and yes I'm freaking scared about that. Thank you.

While waiting for the GPA to ruin my holiday, I suddenly change into a bookworm. It's been a long time I didn't hide my nose under the books and it always feels good to do it again because I feel like I'm on fire to read yeah!

When I began my holiday, I started to read Dancing Naked at the Edge of the Dawn by Kris Radish which I borrowed from my lovely best girlfriend, Anggita Paramesti. Yes, life's good when you have a good book to spend your time with.

I won't talk about the book but I let you know about my THOUGHT after reading the book. I don't think much, just so you know, but I always find that thinking about life is quite umm.. easier than thinking why people in Tunisia has got the chance to push their president down.

Anyway, I learned a lot from the book. No, not how to dance naked at the edge at dawn. That book is quite opening and reassuring what I have thought about life, my life. It’s more about how you live your life and happiness and choices you are about to choose and have chosen. That’s how life goes, dude. Happiness is what people are searching for.

A good career, lots of money, highest education, none of them could guarantee you happiness. I mean they won’t be anything if you’re not happy doing those stuff. For me, life is about being happy in living it as for job you do, money you earn, education you get are just parts of it that must bring you happiness, fireworks, blossoms, summer breeze or anything that makes you happy.

The secret is do what you want to do.

Job or career is a perfect example. If you do not like your job, yes you earn money but you don’t get happiness. If you don’t get happiness, you’ll easy to get bored or mad or tired then you feel that everything isn’t right and you start to blame every single thing in your life and you feel so miserable, lost, and don’t know what you’re doing. Welcome to the real world, as my hero, John Mayer said.

Live your life in your own way not what people have told you. That’s the key too.

It's about choices you take and as for me, I guess I'm doing right.
I study at the university I want, major in the issues I'm interested to
I wear what makes me feel comfort
I'm fully in charge on what and will happen in my life. I decide. I'm the boss.
Thank God, I have parents that will support me 100%.
Girlfriends that would slap me right on the face and get me on the right track if I do or will do something wrong, they would lead me but let me lead too, they listen and shut up, they could make me laugh and cry.
Boyfriend that would do anything to see me smiling and loves me as much as I love him
but none of them could control me and my life, sure I won't let it happen.
As a grown woman, I have rights to choose what I want.

Happiness is the basic. That’s why people are searching for it. Go live your life the way you want it and you'll find it.

I feel happy. Most of the time. I do have bad times so I feel unhappy and tears strike.
Life isn't always be happy, right?
So far, I have no single thing that bothers me much if I think I have,
(and this is my secret)
I'll think what I'm actually having now. God, family, bestfriends, boyfriend.
They're just beyond everything.

For me love is the thing that would give colors on what I’m doing, choices I’m taking, and decisions I’m making. That’s what leads me to happiness and gratefulness.

And now I’m ready to spread my wings because I’m doing what I’ve always wanted and grateful about that. So, I'll take my clothes off and ready to dance :D




15 May 2011 at 11:55

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