I am gonna be so dead

When I was in 8th year, I watched VH1 "The Fabulous Life of Prince William and Prince Harry" 
that was the day I found my obsession
for almost 7 years I adore him.
I even collect articles about him in the national newspaper and the internet

He came along with his girlfriend ever since I started to admire him.
When they broke up, I was like hip hip hooraaaaaaay!
then came shock news from The Sun, they got back together, back for good, said the article.
Did I cry? I forgot.

and then came Christmas time, he showed up with a beard
People said that made him look so old, as for me I love him (+beard) even more
too bad not so long after that, he got shaved.

 He once visited a Jamboree in Australia. Dude, it's sooo close to Indonesia!
I love when he play along with kids too. I got his picture playing football with some kids in the national newspaper a long time ago.

I know it may sound childish, immature, creepy or what, but the truth is I will never give up. He might not get to know me that well, I am pretty sure he doesn't know that I am exist in this world too
but still I wish someday, I will go to UK and take a picture with him
you know it's my top ten list I want to do before I die.

and today is the day.
the day when my idol since I was a extremely unstable teenager will see his eight-years-gilrfriend walk down the aisle with a bright smile.
It is, indeed, a happy ending, just like fairy tales.

I wanna get married too
until then, I am dead happy for them