A whole new world.

I have stepped into a whole new different world or at least I guess so.
I GOT A JOB! just to make you clear on what I'm talking about. It's just a part-time job but it means a lot to me since I'm going to be a teacher! I can't even stop thinking why in the world they believe me that I can teach? And so I laughed. Very hard. Silently.
Just pray for me that I can stand through all these 120 hours of intensive training!

Speaking of my new world, I believe I should wear more formal outfits too. It means I should go thrifting more often. I need more straight-tailored-pants cos I can't wear anything skinny, skirts would be nice too.

 I also bought my very first wedges! The first time of my 19-years-3-months-old and it's so lovely and it's so "me" and I feel like wearing it everywhere! Okay, I might get too much influence from Miss Elsie because I start to feel like wearing a turban too! I am totally a different person now. I guess. Haha

A news just came up from my beautiful cat, Dee-dee. She's pregnant! Oh my! My little sweet Dee-dee is going to be a Mama!

And I received this very sweet Valentine's Day card from Danielle from the Biscuit blog, it's so last year I know but hey I just want to share cos I think it's a very kind of her to sent me a card all the way from Springfield, US to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Last but not least, it's April, people. 18 more days to the Royal Wedding! OH NO!

and those are the things I'm loving at the moment <3
Happy Monday!



25 April 2011 at 20:23

congrats on your job!!!


4 May 2011 at 19:56

thank you! and wish me luck too :D