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We, as human beings, sometimes have to face a dilemma.
Either you realize or not, sometimes we, as social creatures, neglect people who always be around you. You think that they'll always be there for you so you start to choose another one who you think you can't always spend much time with because you know there someone who always there, waiting for you and the other person/thing is too precious to be ignored.

Maybe it's the cause why someone leaves you. Boyfriends/girlfriends become exes and best friends become only friends. People make priority but there are other things that aren't and when the not-priority-things are human beings, you have to be more careful because they are sometimes more fragile. You might lose all, since you're too focus on your priority and  ignore the other then when you lose you priority, you'll get nothing. Some people are even more awful, they just ditch people who might be the person who understand them the best.

I know terms best friends always come for a reason, they are the best who's been there for you in a good and bad situations. But when you start to have perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, your start to see them more often, make a new tradition and forget the old one. Or when you feel you're too busy to even ask how you're besties doing.
Because best friend is the best, they would understand, wouldn't they?

I would. But then I put all my friends on the top of the list, I can't see my friends go alone, I feel like I need to be there because no one likes to be alone, I don't like to be alone. But I let my boyfriend alone, waiting for me whenever I choose my friends over him. I feel like I'm a terrible girlfriend.

I know each sides. I have been the one who's being ditched by someone who claimed to be a busy bee and be ignored by someone who spend more times with her boyfriend.
I do too, ignored my best friend to be with my boyfriend and sometimes leave him alone to be with my best friends.

Sacrifices. Are they the only answer?


  Stevie Leigh

14 July 2011 at 08:22

This is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing!


18 July 2011 at 10:36

you are very welcome :D