Do You Know..

... that now I make my coffee in a jar?

...that I got a short haircut and I dyed my hair "chocolate brown"?

...that I failed on the first selection of an exchange students program?

...that I got a better GPA even though I have a part-time job?

...that I take pictures very rarely?

...that my best friend has her own blog now?

...that sometimes I wish I have Elsie Larson's shoes collections?

...that Carissa Gallo is a very talented and wonderful photographer?

...that soon I will no longer be the youngest in the office?

...that South Korea is growing its soft power?

...or that North Korea is going a little bit softer?

...that my pretty French student criticized the way I read sentences for her?

...that Nichkhun Horvejkul is a hottie?

...that I spend most of my time watching Grey's Anatomy?

...that I miss my family?

No? Now, you know.