Five Friday Favorites for Winter!

We don't have winter in Indonesia. But just in case I'm going to fly somewhere where there is snow here and there, I want to lay down on the snow with these things (minus the book of course!)

I found four of them on Modcloth. I mean, who doesn't love Modcloth? 
Anyway, it's almost December. My birthday month. Just in case (again) you're trying to find me a perfect present. Here where you can find those things:

1. Pearl Petals Earrings! I always have a thing with floral stuffs.
2. We all need boots! I love that one, the color and style, I think it's just perfect for me.
3. I'm so ready for winter if I had this coat!
4. The Cape, oh my god.
5. The last one is Mrs. Rowling's newest book. Heard that it's very recommended. Click the link to see the sneak peek from Barnes & Noble!

Until then, have a nice weekend and 
see you in December!