How I Remember Norway: Food

Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day. Not only favorite meal, it was my favorite time of the day. It's no secret to my mother that I love bread. I could say my host family served the best buns in the world. Don't even start talking about the cheese and mayo!

Cold. Cold pasta. Cold wraps. Cold baguettes. Cold everything for lunch. It was like the temperature outside wasn't cruel enough for a tropical girl like me (it was -17 degrees!) now we had to eat cold meal and if cold wasn't bad enough sometimes we had tasteless meal. I just couldn't wait for dinner then or take me back to breakfast :(

Salmon and potatoes. You haven't been to Norway if you don't have salmon while you're there. Also, Norwegians love potatoes. I do too. Especially it was because they served it hot and tasty! I also had salmon with rice on the other day and it was not bad either mainly because I had the best chef cooked it for me.

So damn expensive. Oh you know, everything is expensive there! But you just can't resist those sweet things and it was worth the price! And also, they have good chocolate products, not as famous as Belgian I know but hey it's still chocolate and I'm still a girl!

.... and those were how my stomach remembers Norway! Love,