How I Remember Norway: Places

 I went to two cities in Norway, Trondheim and Oslo. I spent most of my time in Trondheim since there was where ISFiT took place. 

Trondheim is a beautiful city, very quiet, calm, and cold of course. I didn't go to some of the famous building in Trondheim. For example, I didn't get the chance to come inside the Nidaros Cathedral and I only saw Tyholt Tower from afar. Boooo Asty!
Buuuuuutt... I did go to some other interesting places I've never expected to be! Like, on Valentine's Day, me and my friend from South Korea (Hello, Eunbi!) walked to the city center and just took a random bus and got off  at random bus stop. We got lost for sure but we had the chance to go and see the other side of town, especially seeing the neighborhood and houses in Trondheim! We love it very much until I realized where we were, it was an area called Bakklandet. We found a nice cafe, called Antikvariatet which is a recommendation from a very good friend of mine (Hello, J!). We had hot chocolate to make our body and heart (HA!) warm. That was the best Valentine's day moment I've ever had in twenty one years of my life!

If you ask me where is the place I like the most in Trondheim (go on... ask me), I will answer... Hogwarts No, I mean NTNU building! But it really looks like Hogwarts, you see the first picture from the left? Can you imagine how cool that is?!
hmmm... where else? I love being in Stundentersamfundet, indeed!
and the most comfortable place? Hansen family's house in Tiller.

While Oslo, from my personal point of view, is more alive and plural. There are a lot of museums which I'd love to visit but since the only thing I didn't have is time so I didn't explore Oslo much. You can boo me, once again. Well that means I have to come back right?
So, I spent my first day in Oslo, mostly with my blankets. It was snowing outside so I decided to stay and marked the day as my lazy day but because I didn't like to be alone, I asked my friend to make it OUR lazy day. 
In the second day, we got up early and I was so ready to explore Oslo! First, we went to Vigelandsparken for sure, just like any other tourists in Oslo. Later, I explored city center by myself and I'm glad I could survive and I'm sure my parents would be so proud of me :''')

Please, please, please do not ask me about Munch Museum! But I'm gonna tell you anyway... I did not go there. Go on, boo me for the third time. It was closed at that time! I was so broken hearted when I found out about that.
So my friend and  I went to Norwegian Folk Museum then once again my heart broke into pieces because when we got there it was already closed.
We had plan C. We spent our evening analyzing a painting in Nasjonalgalleriet and had coffee afterwards. Then we ended our day by enjoying windy night outside the Opera House. Oh I just had a perfect day. Even though we cancelled our plan to go to Grønland (boo for the fourth time).

... and those are how my camera and my feet enjoyed Norway! Love,